Now onwards we pay your Car Installment!! How ??

Are you an active Facebook user?

Do you have much more friends on FB?

Can you spend 1-2 hours daily on Facebook?

If Yes, We can help you earn 15000 Indian Rupees / 1500 USD monthly.

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How it works ?

• We give you some FB Pages.
• Invite your friends to Like.
• Earn everytime your friends like.
• Takes only 15-20 mins daily.

Current payout:
10 Indian Rupees per 25 likes (for Indians)
1 USD per 25 Likes (for Others)
If you have 5000 friends, you can earn 500 Rupees / 50 USD daily
May earn upto 15000 Rupees / 1500 USD monthly



Step 1

Login with Facebook

Simply login to your Facebook Account.

Step 2

Open our Facebook Page

We will provide you a Facebook fan page, just open this page.

Step 3

Invite your Friends to Like

Once you open our FB page, there will be an option to INVITE FRIENDS, now invite all of your friends to like.

Step 4

Congrates !! Now you get paid.

Congrates, You get paid. You are now earning for the work which you are already love to do.

Success Stories

Here are some of our great earners.

If they can earn, you can also.

Subodh Soni
4,97,600 Rupees
2,17,800 Rupees
Jen Salamandick
$4,578 USD

About Us

Who are we?

bGlide is a group of companies spread over the globe with diversified domains such as Travel / IT / Software Developement / Education and Infomedia crossing a total turnover of 300 Million per Anum including Public Limited and Private Limited companies.

Why do we pay?

We run a service of Social Media Marketing. We have clients across the globe.

We are being paid for generating real facebook likes for our clients. As you are helping us to generate those likes, we pay you for your time & services.

So what are you waiting for ?
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Current Payout Rate

Here is the currrent rate of payout. You will be paid according to below slab:


  • Payment per like
  • Minimum Balance to Withdraw
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Cycle
  • Possibilities to earn per month


    0.4 Indian Rupee
    100 Rupees
    By Cheque Only
    Monthly (15th to 20th)
    15,000 Rupees
    @ 4 Pages / 2 Hours daily
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(USA / UK / Australia / Canada) Only
    0.04 USD
    1 USD
    Monthly (15th to 20th)
    1500 USD
    @ 4 Pages / 2 Hours daily
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So what are you waiting for...?

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